Apple has released iOS 9 and it hit a 50% adoption rate by day two.  Users are always eager for the latest software from Apple.  If you have not upgraded, you should.  Reasons to download the latest and greatest iOS include:

  • It’s free!  What could be better?  Nothing to buy, just download and enjoy.  Thanks Apple!
  • Improved battery life – up to additional hour of use per day.
  • Lower crash rate and more stable.
  • Low learning curve.  On the surface, the OS is familiar to users, but lots going on under the hood.
  • Apple News brings customized news to you.
  • Siri is much smarter and responds to more requests.
  • iPad offers split screen feature.
  • It is a smaller software package – regain some space!
  • Better security.

For additional information, click here:  Still have more questions about the now iOS 9, iPhone 6s or anything else technology related?  Call our office and speak to one of our knowledgable Technology Consultants!

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