With new technology being produced every day, it’s only natural that the IT industry grows alongside it. Due to this, you might have a lot of unused junk lying around from continuous upgrades. A lot of this old technology might still be perfectly usable, if a bit old; but it’s important that you know when to say “goodbye” and replace your IT equipment.

Bulky Server Units
With cloud computing on the rise, the immense server units which were once commonplace in offices are slowly dwindling away. With cloud-based servers, companies don’t have to dish out the big bucks for a server unit when they can just host their data in the cloud. We offer a number of hosted and virtual servers, hosted right in the ExcalTech Data Center.  While a brand new on-site server is still a viable option, you should consider looking into our cloud computing options. After all, a virtual server doesn’t eat up electricity and office space like a physical server would, and anything that can save your business money is a good investment.

Legacy Phone Systems
Some businesses are finding Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) to be an exceptional replacement for the classic legacy phone system. All you need is a reliable Internet connection to get started with a VoIP system. This lets your business use its Internet connection to make phone calls, using both a wired and cellular connection. Considering how you’re eliminating costs associated with your old phone lines, you can potentially save plenty of cash for use elsewhere in your budget. For help setting up a VoIP system for your office, give ExcalTech a call at (877) 638-5464. It’s so simple, it doesn’t need to wait until your next big office revamp project. There are many popular options available such as Call Center, Call Recording, Conference Calling and more.  Best of all, your phone system will never again be outdated!

Outdated Workstations
Once you’ve replaced your server units with a cloud solution and upgraded your legacy phone system to VoIP, you should then set your sights on your company’s workstations. Even if you wanted to, you probably can’t imagine your office without the trusty workstation, and with the impressive advancements in technology over the past several years, there are several options available to replace them. Now, even laptops and tablets can handle your preferred productivity programs, and they have the added bonus of taking your work on the go.

There are also more cost-effective alternatives to workstations and mobile devices which you can utilize in a pinch, like the slim-line or thin clients. These allow you to draw most of your processing power from a centralized virtual server, allowing you to reap all of the benefits of a higher powered machine with a simple, low-cost device.

Irrelevant Fax Machines
When it comes to obsolete technology, the fax machine is one of the worst offenders in the modern office. Even though it’s been fairly irrelevant for a long time now, you’ll still find it in the corner of some offices spitting out paper documents. The fax machine can easily be replaced by a fax server solution or a scanning solution from ExcalTech. These solutions are capable of handling all of your fax network traffic and allow you to quickly send or receive a fax via your email inbox. You’ll finally be able to rid yourself of that machine for good and free up some table space in the office.

By getting these four old and outdated technologies out of your office, you’ll be taking important steps toward creating a modern work environment with an advantage over your competition. If your business wants the best solutions for its IT, give ExcalTech a call at (877) 638-5464.

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