Apple announced a number of really amazing upgrades to macOS, watchOS, tvOS and iOS at their WWDC gathering.  There are some great features coming to the Apple ecosystem that both business users and consumers will appreciate.  All of the Apple systems will tightly integrate with each other to give users a seamless experience and workspace across all of their devices.

Here are some awesome things coming in iOS this fall:

  • Apple Messages are improved. Handwritten messages, full screen messages, animated messages and more
  • Updated Apple Music allows users to manage their content libraries better and now includes lyrics
  • Apple News updates make it easier for users to get the news they really want
  • Siri predictive typing skills get a boost and ties into your calendar, contacts and apps to make typing easier
  • Rich notifications allows users to see photos, videos and much more right from the home screen
  • 3D touch now makes using apps and notifications much easier
  • New Home App controls for Smart Home devices
  • Siri gets improved and opened up to third-part applications like Lyft
  • Update to Photos app that allows photos to be organized by place or people in the photos
  • Ability to remove built in Apple apps that users do not want
  • Apple Pay now works on the web


More information about iOS 10 features can be found on eWeek’s website here: 

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