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Think Your Data is Safe? One Carbonite User Recounts Losing All Data

Choose the wrong online backup service, and all of your data could be at risk! Here is a terrible horror story, of one user that lost all of their data that was backing up up with Carbonite: http://bit.ly/H7ehU2Don’t let this happen to you! Keep on-site and off-site backups and be sure that you do full …

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When Social Media Goes Wrong

Three media brands that made the wrong friends. http://bit.ly/GMLXo0Social media is great, but it can also kill your brand when hit by bad press. Here are stories from some of the top brands out there, their struggles, and what they did to try and control the damage. Try to avoid these pit falls in your …

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The Magic of Social Media

Commentary by Scott Cummings This month, during our company meeting trip to Las Vegas, I decided to check out David Copperfield’s magic show. Just as the show was starting, a pre-recorded message from David played over the intercom and asked the audience to take out their phones, log onto Twitter, and follow David (@D_Copperfield). He …

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Disappointed by the New iPad? Better Choices Abound!

10 alternative tablet devices to rival the New iPad. http://bit.ly/GGTrKoSince Apple latest device is such a disappointment in terms of features users are craving, check these great alternatives out! Larger screens, faster speed, greater connectivity … these have it all! Sorry Apple, you’ll need to get the iPad 4 out quickly if you want to …

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Coming Soon – Windows Server 8

Windows Server 8 is scheduled to be released along with new Windows 8 desktop. http://bit.ly/GE1RUAHot point: virtualization built in and powerful! Other features include remote management, enhanced PowerShell, better management tools in Server Manager, better encryption and more. For all of your Windows Server 8 questions, call us at (877) 638-5464.

Is Your IT Guy Letting You Down? You’re Not Alone!

Bosses say that their in house IT guys do not know enough. http://cnet.co/FR4efXFix it – call the experts at ExcalTech today! For less than what most businesses spend on a single IT person on payroll, we provide access to our dozens of highly certified professionals! Why settle for a single and limited amount of knowledge …

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Asus Ultratablet Could Crush the iPad Into Applesauce!

First Ultratablet – http://bit.ly/zOBuUgAsus Eee Pad Transformer Prime. Quad Core, Tegra 3 graphics, USB, 16 hour battery. Snap it into the docking station and you have a true laptop replacement. If you are considering a new tablet, you MUST check this out before buying. New iPad killer!?

Apple Blew It … Wait for Windows 8 This Summer

Wait on the New iPad and check out Windows 8. http://cnet.co/yeba0ZNothing too exciting from Apple and Windows 8 will be groundbreaking! Also, Windows 8 will run seamlessly across your desktop and tablet devices.

Another Sign of the Times…Goodbye Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia Britannica to stop printing book sets. http://cnnmon.ie/zBhkZqCompany has all digital future in mind. This is both progress and end of an era. How has your industry or company been changed by technology over the years?

Think You Know Apple?

The 9 most funny and offensive Apple stories you will ever hear. http://bit.ly/yeeRE6What did Jobs say when Michael Dell said Apple should close?  The origin of Steve Job’s infamous black shirts.  Just how big is Apple anyway?  The answers to these questions and more are waiting for you.

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