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How Mobile Devices Will Transform the Construction Industry

Mobile and pad technology is paving the way for advancement in all types of industries.  Here is an example of how one of the most “brick and mortar” businesses will be transformed forever.  http://tcrn.ch/ACosa9

While “Resolutionary”, the New iPad is not Revolutionary!

The New iPad arrives. http://bit.ly/zTwdYhUnfortunately it lacks all of the new features users want. Only new graphics and apps. Has Apple become lazy? Will current users drop another $500 – $900 for this version? How long for the iPad 4 to arrive? What is your reaction?

Is your CEO working from the beach? Or at home in his pajamas?

Study finds that CEO’s are telecommuting and working virtually more than ever. http://bit.ly/yla6xLWe can help you work from anywhere! Using our data center technologies and our cloud technologies along with the best mobile devices, we can set you up to work from anywhere!

Read This Before You Buy Anti-Virus Software Again…

Does your company really even need anti-virus software? http://bit.ly/z7VdP9Spend another $40 / user / year? Expert says NO! What? An interesting read regarding the multi-billion dollar anti-virus and firewall industry.(YES, still run it! is the official ExcalTech position) 

Weak Passwords? Say “Goodbye Data!”

Passwords are easy to break. If you are not using strong passwords, you’re in trouble. http://cnnmon.ie/ync1bY Call us for multi-layer security help, ideas, and consulting services.

When Will You Upgrade to Windows 8?

Windows 8 beta version makes its big debut this week. Works on tablets, phones PC’s, even an 82″ touchscreen monitor. http://bit.ly/yWR7weThis new OS from Microsoft might just be enough to take back some of the thunder that Apple has going right now … will they be able to fight off the Microsoft monster? 

February 2012 Newsletter

February 2012 Newsletter . David Copperfield, Registrar Scams, Repair or Replace your PC and more! Call us at (877) 638-5464 for more information on anything inside.

Social Media Customers – Boom or Bust?

Do social deal sites really work?  Or do they attract cheap customers that never come back to spend? http://bit.ly/wNPDyiWhat about you?  When you purchase from Groupon, Living Social, or any of the other big group coupon sites, are you looking for the best deal only, or do you establish a long-term relationship with the vendor?

Which Cloud Services Provider You Choose Matters!

How to pick a Cloud provider. http://bit.ly/y7kRZ4Want a better cloud? Call us for infomation on our personalized and secure services!  We offer cloud servers, cloud backup, cloud Exchange, and cloud hosted services!

Choose Wisely: Windows 8 or Mac OS X

Why Windows 8 could hurt Mac OS X and iOS.  The new Microsoft operating system promises to be ultra secure, ultra fast, even more powerful than Windows 7 and it will run across multiple devices from PC’s to tablets to phones.  Could Microsoft take a bite out of Apple’s business? http://bit.ly/zNqWRX 

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