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Government Monitoring of Your Car?

Government takeover of your car? Thanks to new EDR (Event Device Recorder) mandate in 2015, Big Brother will watch your every turn! This device will have the ability to report to insurance companies, law enforcement and other government agencies.  Did you just speed in that 35 mph zone – instant ticket and insurance hike! http://bit.ly/JnimU9

Run Windows 8 on Your iPad

Run Windows 8 on your iPad with Splashtop to test the touch interface. http://bit.ly/L7D7ogUntil native devices are out, this works and is a very creative way of trying Windows 8 as it is meant to be used, by touch! Let us know what you think, or call us if you need help getting this setup.

Are a New Wave of Viruses Set to Hit Apple Users?

Kaspersky CEO says that Apple security is 10 years behind Microsoft. http://cnet.co/I3DtrKSince Microsoft has been the most widely used OS, the number of attacks against them have been staggering. That has given Microsoft the chance and the need to improve their security. Apple has had an easy ride these past years, and according to Kaspersky, …

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