$1 Billion In Cyber Sales Booked on Black Friday!

Shoppers spend a record $1B online on Black Friday. http://cnet.co/TlV7Mx Don’t have an ecommerce portion to your site? You’re missing out.  Call us today at (877) 638-5464 and we can fix that!  Our talented programmers speak almost every language and can create a wonderful website that helps to spur sales and increase business.  When was …

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Create Passwords That Make Hackers Run Away

How to create a password that will keep the hackers away: http://nyti.ms/TBhOuj For novices to the ultra paranoid, this article is for you!  Ever have spyware activate your webcam?  It happens!  Who is watching you?  For comprehensive security advice, audits and protection, call the expert network engineers at ExcalTech!

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