Internet Seem Slow? It’s Under Attack.

Internet seem slow?  SPAM dispute launches the largest denial of service attack ever.  Read what happens when a major foreign ISP has a fight with Spamhaus. The Internet can be a dangerous place.  Is your company properly protected?  Call us at (877) 638-5464 for a security audit.

Client Feedback

“In January this year, I emailed John Paleologos that we wished to exchange two of the PCs in our office, effectively swapping my older PC with [a] newer PC, to maximize her faster/newer machine and reduce our dependence on mine.  My older PC had filled the file share-server role for our in-house network of 3 PCs for …

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What Happens to Your Facebook Page When You Die?

What happens to your Facebook page when you die? Laws have not kept up with digital assets. Find out what might happen to your iTunes collection, your digital media, content you create and post on sites, and more!  Protect yourself!  If you develop valuable content online, be sure that you takes steps to protect …

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A $50 Dell USB PC?

Dell plans on making a $50 PC.  Will it catch on? Will it be enough to save a floundering Dell?  Connect this device up to your TV or monitor via USB, add a keyboard and and a mouse and you are all set!

Universal PnP Security Warning

Security Warning: Universal PnP issue found to allow remote access to devices via the Internet. Are your devices exposed?  Call us for help!  Our network engineers can put in place a comprehensive solution to keep your vital information and systems safe.  (877) 638-5464

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