Microsoft To Make Windows 9 Free?

Will Windows 9 be free? With a number of new OS choices from Google and Apple, Microsoft might be in for a major change to stay relevant in the changing marketplace.  Windows 9 promises to bring a unified operating system to PC, tablet and phone.  More information to follow as it becomes available.

New Versions Of CryptoLocker Begin To Hit Networks

New ransomware with unbreakable encryption locks files and then sells you the unlock key for thousands of dollars. What is the best way to prevent this from happening to you? Great backups. Of everything important to you and all related files to get back to that data. Then, strong firewalls, strong anti-virus, and education …

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COIN Offers A New Way To Pay

“COIN” will replace all of your credit and debit cards with a single electronic card that links to your cell phone. Are you ready for the next evolution in electronic payments? Will you order your COIN and replace your cards?  When you have questions about new and emerging technologies, call the experts at ExcalTech!

Domain Transfers Just Got Harder

ICAN has made domain transfers harder for 2014. No set rules apply yet, so every registrar will be different. If you need help sorting it all out, moving a domain, registering a name or any other type of hosting help, just call the friendly experts at ExcalTech.

Windows XP Use In Decline

Windows XP installed base is starting to shrink. Time to upgrade! Support ends this April! There will no longer be updates, patches or technical assistance from Microsoft. If your business is still running XP, you need to act now before the rush to ensure that your project is scheduled to update your systems!

New Apple Products for 2014

10 Apple products to watch for in 2014. A new MacBook, Apple HD TV, and an iPad Pro are among the potential new offerings.  What will you drive in 2014?  Are you a Windows fan or have you switched to Apple?  Or maybe even Google and Android devices?

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