New Computer Build Sheet

Build Sheet
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Software to be installed:

  1. Ensure the BIOS updated and UEFI ENABLED, Secure Boot ENABLED, and TPM is ENABLED on the machine.
  2. Microsoft Windows 11 PRO x64 (22H2) (clean via USB bootable with all partitions deleted, clean HDD/SSD)
  3. Activate Windows (via control panel click troubleshoot and it will activate via the embedded BIOS key)
  4. HP Support Tools / Lenovo System Update / Microsoft Web Updater for Win11
  5. BIOS Updates + Intel ME FW (via or Vendor of machine.)
  6. Run Windows Update and select give me updates for other Microsoft Products
  7. Name the Machine. (LT11-XXX) (WK11-XXX) – (e.g. LT11-LASTNAME01 for Laptops)
  8. Join the machine to the Domain. If remote you must do the VPN install first.
  9. Profile created on user login.
  10. Microsoft Office 365 Installed
  11. Microsoft Teams for Work
    • Sign into Microsoft OneDrive Business (Office365 credentials)
  12. ExcalTech Fonts installed (for ExcalTech Staff)
  13. Webroot or Sentinel One
  14. 7-Zip
  15. VLC Media Player
  16. ConnectWise Automate or NinjaRMM
  17. Cisco Umbrella DNS Agent
  18. Advanced IP Scanner (for ExcalTech Staff)
  19. Putty (for ExcalTech Staff)
  20. WatchGuard Management Tool (for ExcalTech Staff)
  21. WatchGuard VPN Client (For WatchGuard Installations)
  22. Cisco Meraki AnyConnect VPN (For Cisco Meraki Installations)
  23. GoTo Connect
  24. Adobe Acrobat Reader
  25. Google Chrome
  26. Mozilla Firefox
  27. ConnectWise Manage / Splashtop Agent / Headset (for ExcalTech Staff)
  28. Threat Locker Agent
  29. Setup Profile for user, install printers, set default applications. Import bookmarks and SAVE ME folder.
  30. Turn off outlook notifications in control panel. Copy shortcuts to taskbar for M365 items.
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