When choosing a cloud services provider, it is important to select a vendor that has a reliable infrastructure and one that understands client needs and issues and has the ability to respond to clients in times of need.  You want a provider that you can call and actually speak to the same real live people that visit your office and maintain your infrastructure.  This is just one of the many things that sets ExcalTech apart from the other cloud giants.  When the monster data centers have issues, what can you do?  Who can you call?  You are an account number to large organizations and you will receive minimal support, few answers and canned responses to your inquiries.

Read the story of a Microsoft Azure customer that was down for 9 days:
Microsoft caused the client to be down, lose business, and experience extreme frustrations.  Yet, all the client received was a canned response from the Internet giant, basically stating that the incident was minor that that he should not have been greatly inconvenienced.  His experience was quite different.

In March, a network glitch caused a major disruption on the Microsoft Azure platform:

When you decide where to house your cloud services, remember that bigger is not necessarily better.  Do you want to work with a vendor that provides no dedicated support engineer to your account, or would you rather work with a company where you can actually speak to and shake hands with the Data Center Manager, the Support Engineers, the Operations Manager, the COO and the CEO?  We believe in being available to our clients, to helping them in critical situations and treating them like the important clients that they are – not just an account number!

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