“In January this year, I emailed John Paleologos that we wished to exchange two of the PCs in our office, effectively swapping my older PC with [a] newer PC, to maximize her faster/newer machine and reduce our dependence on mine.  My older PC had filled the file share-server role for our in-house network of 3 PCs for 5 years or more.  This work was to be done in conjunction with renewing our AVG license and installing the updated software.

John promptly provided some technical reference points for us to consider and posed questions to clarify our intentions and obtain the hardware and software information needed to produce a Statement of Work and time estimate.  This effort entailed an exchange of emails over a couple of weeks to address his and my questions about software and data to be moved and/or copied — and some understandable confusion to work through.

After John made several minor changes to his initial Statement of Work, I changed the scope of the project to a simpler one involving shifting only data and file server functions to the newer PC but leaving all software in place on both PCs.  Given all the effort the Statement of Work had taken on John’s part, he was quite gracious and agreeable about the scope change.

I’ve corresponded with John for a couple of years now as we have raised questions about technical issues/changes and prospective needs.  During this time, we’ve had to pend some discussions, delay decisions, and reduce expenses due to staff health issues within our office.  John has been consistently concerned, supportive, helpful, and professional, which I truly appreciate in my role as technical liaison for [our] business.  These adjectives apply also to Kent Welch.  Both John and Kent are quickly responsive, positive, approachable people who value servicing their clients; I think they represent ExcalTech well.”

– Joan P.
Administrative Assistant, Law Firm
Barrington, IL

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