You’ve probably heard quite a bit recently about “virtualization”, “cloud computing”, “hosted servers” and “remote services”.  What does it all mean?  What can it do for your business?  Just ask the certified experts at ExcalTech! 

Utilizing technologies from VMWare, Microsoft, Cisco and other leading vendors, we can help your company save money and increase productivity by virtualizing servers and leveraging our powerful Data Center services.  Here are examples of some of the work we have done for other clients:

On-site Server Virtualization – Consolidating numerous physical servers down and virtualizing them.  This reduces electric consumption, physical space, maintenance costs, software costs, and cooling costs.  It also increases uptime by allowing any piece of hardware to run “a server”, meaning that if one server fails, its duties can automatically be assumed by the remaining servers without any downtime.  Most servers sit idle 90% of the time – get what you paid for and make them work to their full potential.  Imagine the savings moving six physical servers into one!

Cloud Servers – Tired of buying servers and software?  Tired of paying for upkeep and maintenance?  Frustrated with downtime?  We can move your servers to our Data Center and allow you to work from anywhere via “the cloud”.  You pay only a small monthly fee that provides you with everything you need to run your business securely from anywhere in the world.  Hardware problems, power outages, maintenance, security, and data backup are all things of the past.

Hosted Software – Would you like to provide additional software applications such as Exchange, SharePoint, Microsoft CRM, or any other package to your employees, but lack the infrastructure or server resources to do it now?  Leverage our Data Center and allow us to deliver any type of additional software to your network easily and securely.

Hosted Exchange – Tired of e-mail technology that is 15+ years old?  Switch to Hosted Exchange today and watch productivity soar as your mail synchronizes across all of your mobile devices, webmail, and Outlook.  Imagine having absolutely all of your e-mails and file attachments available to your smartphone device at all times.  This technology was once reserved for only the largest of companies, but now can be had by anyone for as little as $9.95 per month.

Cloud Backup – Easily and automatically backup all of your critical data to our secure Data Center.  Our software makes it easy to backup, restore and manage all of your data.

Offer expires 06/15/2012. 

Good only for new service, first month only.  Limit one discount per client.  Applies to service only, no labor or parts.

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