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Cybercriminals Kill 60% Of Businesses They Breach — Will Yours Be One Of Them?

You can’t afford to make any assumptions about your cybersecurity.

Confident cybersecurity is all about what you can prove. You may think you’re secure right now — but if you haven’t tested that theory recently, you may as well be a sitting duck.

If cybercriminals find one vulnerability in your systems, it can all be over in an instant. After all, 60% of businesses close their doors for good in the aftermath of a cyber attack.

If you truly believe your current IT company is keeping your business secure, then you’d be willing to put it to the test —ExcalTech can give you an expert second opinion.

Find Your Vulnerabilities (Before Cybercriminals Do)

Making assumptions about your cybersecurity is a dangerous game. You need to be constantly assessing and confirming your ability to protect your data.

However, an internal review can be affected by bias and lack of resources, which is why third-party cybersecurity testing is extremely important. By having an experienced IT security company examine your cybersecurity from top to bottom, you can verify the effectiveness of your cyber defenses.

Even if you already have an IT company managing your cybersecurity, a second opinion will provide an invaluable and bias-free perspective on the state of your defenses.

Let ExcalTech put your security to the test.

ExcalTech Will Deliver An Expert Second Opinion In Your Cybersecurity

We are proud to offer two critical cybersecurity services to identify and address the weaknesses present in your IT systems:

  • Vulnerability Scanning: An end-to-end analysis of your IT environment and network that discovers weaknesses in the configuration, maintenance, and management of the IT assets you rely on every day.
  • Penetration Testing: Also known as pen testing, this is an attempted breach against your business systems to disclose application, web server, or network vulnerabilities. Penetration testing keeps you ahead of the attackers by letting you in on exploitable weaknesses and gives you a chance to correct these before you lose valuable data and vast amounts of money. As a form of ethical hacking, penetration testing employs techniques similar to the ones used by criminal hackers We have extensive and experience with a range of industry-leading cybersecurity services and products to help you address any vulnerabilities we uncover while testing your systems.
  • KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training: KnowBe4 provides baseline testing to assess the Phish-prone™ percentage of your users through a free simulated phishing attack. Using KnowBe4’s curriculum, we will create on-demand, interactive, engaging training with common traps, live demos, and new scenario-based exercises and educate with ongoing security hints and tips emails. This program will turn your staff from a liability into an asset.
  • ThreatLocker: This application control product follows zero trust methodology. The zero trust approach to cybercrime assumes that every aspect is a potential vulnerability until it can be confirmed otherwise. That means instead of simply investing in a strong firewall and antivirus, and assuming you’re protected, every part of your IT environment and every user trying to access it is assessed for its security.
  • Mailprotector: This email security solution filters dangerous emails from your staff inboxes, provides robust encryption capabilities for outgoing communications, and a range of other cybersecurity features.
  • Microsoft365 MFA: At a recent RSA security conference, Microsoft engineers told attendees that 99.9% of the accounts that are compromised each month don’t have a multi-factor authentication solution (MFA) enabled. MFA is a great way to add an extra layer of protection to the existing system and account logins. By requiring a second piece of information like a randomly-generated numerical code sent by text message, you’re able to make sure that the person using the login credentials is actually who they say they are. Biometrics like fingerprints, voice or even iris scans are also options, as are physical objects like keycards.

Don’t Let Your Unseen Weakness Put You Out Of Business

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month — the perfect opportunity to put your cybersecurity to the test and address your vulnerabilities BEFORE they become a death sentence.

Get in touch with the ExcalTech team to get a second opinion on your cybersecurity.

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