As technology grows ever more complex, the average garden-variety threats grow exponentially. As such, security measures grow more comprehensive to battle the myriad of new threats that appear every day. If you’re not protecting yourself by maximizing your network security, you could be weak and vulnerable.

Due to the overwhelming amount of threats that are constantly trying to access your network, both larger enterprises and the small business have an equal need for quality network security. In fact, Gartner estimates that the average business dedicates about five percent of its annual budget toward strengthening security. Granted, each business has its own individual needs, and some might not spend nearly as much on their security. Still, the importance of your IT infrastructure’s security can’t be understated, especially today.

One of the biggest reasons why a business might not carefully consider their network security solution is due to the uncertainty that they’ll get hacked. This can make it difficult to justify integrating a security solution into your business plan, especially when you’re on a tight budget. If you think of it in terms of taking preventative measures, you’ll understand the value of network security. By being cautious now, you can avoid expensive data breaches and compliance fines later on.

ExcalTech has the power to help you decide how much you need to spend on your business’s IT. It all starts with a simple security assessment, and we have other services geared toward both network security and business continuity that can help your organization survive difficult times.

Get a Network Security Audit
It’s not necessarily easy putting together a solid security plan. It takes knowledge and expertise that might not be readily available to the small business owner. If you’re not entirely sure how much of your resources you should allocate toward improving security, a network security audit from ExcalTech is the best place to start. We can identify weak points in your network and recommend the best way to shore them up. Our trained IT professionals pride themselves in their ability to help others, and our consultation will let you make valuable, informed decisions about the future of you company’s technology.

Try a Unified Threat Management (UTM) Solution
One advantage that the large enterprise generally has over smaller businesses is a bigger budget. This leads some small and medium-sized business owners to think that an enterprise-level solution is simply too resource-intensive for their budget. One of our goals as a business is to make security measures as affordable as possible for the small business. We call this our Unified Threat Management solution. It takes an enterprise-level firewall, antivirus, spam-blocking, and a content filtering solution, and brings it to you at an affordable price.

Integrate a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BUDR) Solution
Of course, a security solution is only as valuable as your data, so what happens if all of a sudden, you have no data to protect? Even a comprehensive solution like our UTM isn’t a perfect solution. Nothing is. There’s always the possibility that a threat can somehow slip through undetected and cause mayhem. That’s why the Backup and Disaster Recovery solution from ExcalTech is such a valuable investment. Our BUDR takes a snapshot of your business’s data each day, and just in case the worst happens, you can restore your system from the last clean backup. This prevents expensive downtime from crippling your business.

When dealing with business technology and the risks associated with it, it’s always best to stay proactive and deal with issues before they become disasters. ExcalTech can help you save money on your IT by accomplishing this. Give us a call at (877) 638-5464 to learn more.

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