Last week Google updated their page ranking algorithms again to take into consideration the speed at which pages load on desktop and mobile devices.  When a search is performed on a desktop or mobile device, sites that are considered by Google to be faster loading will receive a boost in their ranking.  Is your website already mobile-friendly?  That will not be enough alone, you need to make sure that the site passes all of Google’s tests.

Want to test your own site?  Here is the Google URL:

ExcalTech updated our site and we are now sitting at a score of 99/100 on the desktop side and 98/100 on the mobile side.  It took us approximately 4 hours to review our site and implement the changes suggested by Google.

How does your site rank?  Call the web experts at ExcalTech and allow us to test your site and make the updates and enhancements necessary to ensure you are a top Google ranking business!

For more information, call us at (877) 638-5464.

Google PageSpeed Insights - ExcalTech Passes with flying colors

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