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How We Help Financial and Accounting Firms

ExcalTech provides tailored IT solutions and support to assist Financial Services organizations in effectively managing their technology needs. Our services focus on enhancing compliance, cybersecurity, communication, and proactive support for every user. We are proud that we have gone more than 4 years without a single cybersecurity event for any of our 1,000 clients. Let us show you how We Make IT Simple for our financial and accounting firm clients every day!

Compliance (SEC/FINRA/ECI)



Data Retention

Disaster Recovery Planning


Hardware Procurement

Project Work

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What Our Clients Are Saying

My company has worked with ExcalTech for over 12 years and we have had no issues with their work. All the employees we have been in contact with over the years have been very knowledgeable and helpful. In my history with ExcalTech, they have installed two servers for us without any issues. They make recommendations to ensure our server performs to its capabilities and our data is protected while at the same time work with our budget constraints. When asked by others, I recommend ExcalTech for their IT needs as I know I will not be embarrassed by their performance.

President, Accounting Firm

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