A quality firewall protects your company from viruses, spyware, damaging websites and so much more.  When was the last time your firewall and security needs were reviewed by a security expert and proven to be providing adequate protection for your business?  Remember, a good firewall is your first and best line of defense against attacks from the Internet.  A proper firewall configuration should allow your business to:

  • Create a secure VPN for remote access and telecommuting employees.
  • Monitor and log all web use
  • Block websites deemed inappropriate for your business environment
  • Inspect incoming and outgoing traffic for unsafe requests
  • Block spyware, viruses and SPAM

Your business is connected to the Internet 24x7x365.  Attackers all over the world and their automated systems are constantly scanning the internet for newly discovered vulnerabilities and machines to attack.  Make sure you are protected!  If you “purchased a firewall” at a retail store and it cost $50, you are at risk.  Such a device would not be considered a business class firewall and it would not provide the necessary protections and features described above.

Lastly, did you know that most firewalls carry yearly renewals?  The renewal provides the latest protections, virus definitions, website block lists, and more.  Has your subscription lapsed?

Call our expert engineers for a checkup!  We have been certified by all major firewall vendors and can help ensure that your corporate assets are properly protected!

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