IT Infrastructure Assessment

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IT Infrastructure Assessment

An IT Infrastructure Assessment is a comprehensive review of your current technology systems.

What is IT Infrastructure?

Technology can be found in just about every aspect of today’s businesses. We use it for our emails, with our phone systems, for transactions, for manufacturing, and so much more. Information technology infrastructure, or IT infrastructure, is the system of hardware, software, facilities, and service components that are the foundation of the operation and management of business IT services and IT environments. Some examples of IT infrastructure are:

  • Hardware/Network Equipment – Desktop computers, routers, switches, servers, hubs
  • Software – Content Management Systems (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), operating systems, web servers
  • Facilities – Physical locations that house networking hardware, servers, data centers, and include network cabling
  • Service Components – Configures a service implementation of interfaces that defines its inputs, outputs, faults, and references
  • Computing Platforms – Cloud and internet computing resources

With reliable and secure IT infrastructure, businesses can meet their goals, have a competitive edge in the market, and can be a major factor in a business’s success. However, if the IT infrastructure is failing or not properly implemented, a business will experience issues with connectivity, productivity, and security. A failing IT infrastructure can cause disruptions, costly system downtimes, and breaches.

What is an IT Infrastructure Assessment and Do You Need One?

It is important to have an accurate overview of your current IT environment to determine its strengths and weaknesses so your organization can make informed and strategic decisions. An IT Infrastructure Assessment is a comprehensive review of your current technology systems. A complete Infrastructure Assessment will include a documented review of the following areas:

  • Server Environment
  • Application Delivery
  • Print Environment
  • Network
  • End User Devices
  • Security
  • Backup
  • Policies and Procedures

All businesses should have an IT Infrastructure Assessment performed on their IT environments for many reasons. Once the assessment is complete, your company can begin making the necessary changes and improvements needed. An IT Infrastructure Assessment will identify issues requiring immediate attention and will reduce security risks to the privacy and protection of your data.

If your organization has to adhere to industry standards by meeting the compliance requirements of HIPAA, SOC 2, etc., then an IT Infrastructure Assessment will help your organization to prepare for an audit. The assessment will allow you to address any issues of your IT environment before your compliance audit is conducted.

Finally, an IT Infrastructure Assessment will inform you of the need to upgrade existing infrastructure and is a proactive solution to daily problems that arise. It will let you know if you are getting your money’s worth from your technology, and it will allow your organization to plan and budget for the upcoming year.

Technology is an integral part of our daily lives and influences just about every aspect of a business. Without IT infrastructure it is virtually impossible to utilize technology to achieve business goals. Having an IT Infrastructure Assessment will help you identify today’s challenges so you can prevent tomorrow’s problems.

Our experts at ExcalTech can run an IT Infrastructure Assessment on your IT environment to ensure your business technology systems are healthy and operating optimally. Let’s get started today! Call us at 833-EXCALTECH or send an email over to

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