4 Tangible Ways Managed Services Can Save Your Business Money

4 Tangible Ways Managed Services Can Save Your Business Money

The decision of whether to use managed IT services or just handle your technology on your own can be a big one for a small business. A business owner needs to ensure every cost is advantageous to the company and comes with some type of benefit or ROI.

While it can initially seem like it makes sense to handle easier computer tasks on your own and just call in a pro when something big goes wrong, this approach can actually hold you back.

Technology is the heart of operations for today’s businesses. Whether you’re a smaller Chicagoland start-up or a large multinational, how well your IT operates can be seen directly in how well your organization operates.

Slow network performance, intermittent downtime, and lack of proper cybersecurity can all contribute to high productivity costs and difficulty getting forward motion for business growth.

Companies that take advantage of managed IT services and improve their digital infrastructure see real bottom-line benefits in several ways.

According to a study by Deloitte, digitally advanced small businesses as compared to those that were behind technologically achieved the following:

  • Earned 2x the revenue per employee
  • Saw year-over-year revenue growth nearly 4x as high
  • Nearly 3x as likely to be adding jobs over the previous year

How Do Managed IT Services Positively Impact My Bottom Line?

When working with ExcalTech® as a managed services provider, companies can enjoy our “Making IT Simple” philosophy. This translates into a technology infrastructure that’s optimized, streamlined, and supports your business as it should.

When looking at costs versus benefits between a DIY approach or working with an IT professional, here are some of the tangible benefits you get from managed services to consider.

Cybersecurity Is Part of the Package

Over the last 12 months, there has been a surge in cyberattacks. Hackers have taken advantage of the disruption of the pandemic and stepped-up attack sophistication as well as frequency.

90% of surveyed executives stated that their organization has seen an increase in cyberattacks during the pandemic.

Just one ransomware infection or data breach can put an SMB out of business for good. The cost of a data breach is about 10x higher for smaller companies because they have fewer resources to absorb the costs.

A data breach can cost a small business $3,533 per employee.

Managed IT services aren’t simply about monitoring your endpoints and keeping computers updated and maintained. They include benefits for several areas of your business operations, including cybersecurity.

Some of the IT security-related safeguards included in our managed services plans are:

  • Website filtering (to block malicious phishing sites)
  • Antivirus software
  • Anti-malware software
  • Email spam filtering
  • Update & patch management

Downtime Mitigation

Downtime events don’t only occur in large blocks of several hours. The most costly downtime can often happen in increments of 25 minutes here and 40 minutes there. This tends to occur due to things like employees struggling with a computer problem or a network going out and taking your entire office offline.

Why are these smaller downtime incidents so costly? Because companies often never realize that small amounts of downtime are costing them so much money through productivity loss.

For example, if your employees spend an average of just 20 minutes a day dealing with a printing problem, software issue, or troublesome computer, that adds up to nearly 7 hours a month.

Add that times just 15 employees making an average of $20 per hour, and that’s a loss of $2,000 per month by not having your IT professionally handled. Most companies don’t do that math and aren’t aware of how much they’re losing from staff downtime, and thus how much they could save through managed services.

Improved Hardware Lifespan

Hardware is a big investment for a business. You have computers, laptops, servers, printers, and other equipment to keep up with. If hardware isn’t being kept maintained, both inside and out, it can slow down and end up crashing unexpectedly.

Unmanaged computers can suffer from something as simple as excess dust that causes overheating and resulting internal parts damage. A shorter usable lifespan cuts into your equipment ROI across your entire technology infrastructure.

When you work with a managed IT provider, you’re increasing the usable lifespan of your equipment by keeping it properly maintained. Even just an additional 1.5 years of lifespan for all your PCs can mean a significant difference in your annual technology costs.

You Can Focus on Forward Motion

There’s a difference between companies that can fully focus on their main business and those that have their attention spread between putting out technology fires and just trying to keep operations up and running.

Most business owners would not try to do their own electrical work or plumbing, because they know it would take them much longer than a professional and there’s a risk that they’ll get something wrong.

The same is true for your IT infrastructure. If you try to handle it yourself, you’ll find yourself spending time on things that take you away from running your business. And if things go wrong, it can lead to costly business consequences.

Managed IT services allow you simple, stress-free technology so you can focus fully on managing and growing your business.

Choose from Flexible & Affordable Managed Services Options

ExcelTech can help your Chicago or Tampa area business save money, while at the same time having technology that runs like clockwork.

Schedule a consultation today by calling: 847-842-9570 (IL), 727-437-0020 (FL), or contacting us online.

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