Microsoft 365 Data Backed Up?

Microsoft 365 Backup

Are You Sure Your Microsoft 365 Data Is Backed Up?

Just because you use Microsoft 365—a service that automatically handles many different vital tasks according to industry best practices—doesn’t necessarily mean your data is backed up the way it should be.

Do you know if your Microsoft 365 data is backed up? All of it?

Your first thought is probably, “yes, of course it is”… but you need to be sure. If you haven’t checked, then it may not be backed up as comprehensively as you’d like.

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Does Microsoft 365 Need To Be Backed Up?

Before going further, let’s clear the air — none of this is a criticism of Microsoft’s management of 365 and its millions of users.

If anything, this is more about exploring your role in data management. The reality, whether you like it or not, is that Microsoft has empowered you (or your IT company) to take responsibility for your data.

Have you stayed diligent?

Beyond the usual data loss and integrity protections that are provided as a part of Microsoft 365, you may need to double-check the controls and other parameters involved with protecting your data.

If not, you could be unknowingly exposing yourself to a number of unnecessary risks…

3 Reasons To Check Your Microsoft 365 Backup

Whether it’s the security and availability of your standard data or the way your email is being backed up, you need to make sure you have a viable backup solution in place.

Here are three reasons why:

  • Data Retention Contingencies: At the rate that technology evolves (and how quickly your standard operations and concerned policies are required to keep up with it), it’s no surprise that some businesses find it difficult to keep up with. When policy development falls behind the pace of adopted technologies, it can often lead to gaps, which can affect data retention.
  • Cybercrime: Data loss is often the result of poor digital security; without the right defenses, cybercriminals can easily infect an IT system with ransomware or other types of malware and compromise company data. You may have heard that the right anti-malware solution will minimize the chance of data loss, but what about internal threats? It’s not fun to think about, but internal security threats (i.e. malicious employees) can cause just as much damage as external cybercriminals.
  • Maintaining Compliance: When it comes to modern compliance requirements, redundant data backups are critical. You’ll want to make sure you know what’s required of your industry’s compliance regulations, and make sure you have backup methods in place to meet those.

What Is The Best Way To Backup Microsoft 365?

The best way to enhance the data backup capabilities of Microsoft 365 is to work with a third party like ExcalTech. With us, you can offload more complicated processes, and augment Microsoft 365’s built-in data continuity capabilities.

We use the industry-leading data backup solution Spanning, which is relied on by more than 1.4 million users to keep their data safe. This solution fulfills the following requirements:

  • Comprehensive Backups: Maintains both local onsite backup for quick recovery in instances of data loss, as well as offsite cloud-based backup for when your business is hit with a critical disaster.
  • Regular Testing: We regularly test your backups to verify their effectiveness in the event that something goes wrong with your onsite data.
  • Convenient Restoration: We give you the ability to choose a point in time to restore in the event that the data has been deleted, corrupted, or there has been a malicious intrusion.
  • Automated Execution: Spanning automatically carries out regular, robust backups of your data, meaning there’s no potential for human error.
  • Simple Visibility & Reporting: Be confident in your data backup capabilities with detailed and understandable reporting.

The key is in finding the right third-party backup solution to add to Microsoft 365’s capabilities. By augmenting Microsoft 365’s data backup capabilities with Spanning and our expert assistance, you can make sure all your bases are covered.

ExcalTech Will Make Sure Your Microsoft 365 Data Is Backed Up

ExcalTech will equip your business with a Spanning data backup solution designed specifically for Microsoft 365 data continuity, protecting a range of data types:

  • Microsoft Exchange emails, attachments, and related data
  • Microsoft SharePoint & OneDrive files
  • Microsoft Teams messages and shared files
  • Other calendars, attachments, and tasks based in Microsoft

Managed by the expert ExcalTech team, this backup service delivers a number of key advantages:

  • Address and eliminate gaps in Microsoft 365 data continuity
  • Maintain compliance with regulatory systems including GDPR, HIPAA, and more
  • Scale the service easily to meet the exact needs of your organization

Don’t leave your data at risk with default backup capabilities. Invest in extra protection from ExcalTech.

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