Microsoft released Office 2016 for Windows today as both a product that can be purchased as well as a subscription through the Office 365 platform.  (Remember, if you are an ExcalTech Hosted Server client and run MS Office, you are granted the new software version at no additional cost to you, except for setup).  This new version is very much cloud aware, integrates with OneDrive, and has sharing built in to make it easier for groups of people to work on the same document seamlessly and share information.  Other interesting features include:

  • Microsoft Sway is included as a new generation presentation alternative to PowerPoint.  It makes it easier to make media an important part of your presentation.
  • Smarter menus, enhanced browsing to cloud and network locations
  • Outlook now allows Work Groups to be created to make collaboration easier
  • Enhanced document and data security to help prevent data from being sent via e-mail or shared outside of Office apps
  • Skype has been embedded into Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Outlook features Smart Search and a new folder called Clutter that learns what e-amil should be moved there

Additional information of Office 2016 features can be found here:

Want to plan your upgrade strategy?  Have additional questions about Office 2016?  Call the friendly experts at ExcalTech at (877) 638-5464 for all of your needs.

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