Today is the day!  Microsoft has made Windows 10 available to everyone.  Some new PC’s are already shipping with Windows 10 installed.  Our clients are asking us – “should we upgrade?”  The quick answer is “NO!”…because although developers and software companies have had Windows 10 to work with for months, all of your software, hardware, plug-ins, devices drivers, phone sync software, apps, anti-virus and other items might not be compatible yet.  You need to TEST Windows 10 before you start updating production machines to the new OS.  This is a major upgrade and while we expect most items to work fine, if you have any specialized applications or programs, you should ensure that they completely work prior to upgrading.  If you would like to discuss your Windows 10 upgrade plans or to schedule a controlled test of the latest OS, please call your Technology Consultant and schedule a test.  Remember, if you are a member of our Diamond Total Support Solution service, all of the labor to upgrade your systems to Windows 10 is completely included in your service agreement!

Here are a few references for you to refer to regarding Windows 10:

User Guide to Windows 10:

Windows 10 Questions and Answers:

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