Penetration Testing In Chicago

Penetration Testing In Chicago

Penetration Testing In Chicago

Among the many services that we offer our clients, one of the most important services we offer is a Penetration Test. As cybercriminals increase their efforts to carry out cyberattacks, cybersecurity should be at the top of every organization’s agenda. Even though your business may have the required security measures in place, it does not mean that your IT infrastructure is immune to all cyber risks.

What is a Penetration Test and Does Your Organization Need One?

A Penetration Test, or Pen Test, is a simulated cyberattack on your computer and any number of application systems. This test will check your system for exploitable vulnerabilities to provide insights into the security of your system. A Penetration service performed by IT professionals will make sure that your network and systems are safe and secure from any potential cyber threats.

Common Types of Exploits

Once a Penetration Test has been completed, an assessment report will be generated with a list of exploits and vulnerabilities to remediate. An exploit is a code, piece of software, a slice of data, or a series of commands that takes advantage of vulnerabilities or security flaws. Exploits allow an intruder to remotely access a network to do damage or steal information.

Common Types of Vulnerabilities:

  • Password Attacks – very common, mostly due to using weak and default passwords
  • Operating System Attacks – generally includes systems such as Windows, Linux, and any other OS, and occurs when there is an OS misconfiguration, if an OS supports out-of-date applications, or if the end user does not update their system
  • Application Level Attacks – occurs on patched or out-of-date software with security holes
  • Misconfiguration Issues – these include human errors with infrastructure and weaknesses found in web and application servers

Common Types of Application Vulnerabilities: 

  • Injection Attacks – includes SQL and NoSQL injection attacks which consist of inserting queries or characters into an application that will be executed on the back-end database server and return a response
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) – script injection where malicious scripts are executed in a victim’s browser which includes Stored XSS and Reflected XS
  • Authentication Issues – very common, relates to access controls and uses password attack
  • Authorization Issues – attacks that abuse authorization which can disclose unauthorized information or use an unauthorized functionality of an application
  • Misconfiguration Issues – these include error messages, insufficient application security controls, default accounts, and more
  • Vulnerable Components – include the use of software, libraries, and frameworks that have known vulnerable components and configurations

Reasons Why Your Organization Needs a Penetration Test

It is important for organizations to work with highly skilled and experienced IT professionals who know about the importance of cybersecurity and who genuinely care about you and your business. ExcalTech has the skills, experience, and understanding of your organizational needs. We understand the importance of running a penetration test on your system. Here are 5 top reasons why your organization needs a penetration test:

  • Uncover Vulnerabilities – The main reason to run a penetration test is to evaluate the status of your organization’s existing security controls and measures. A pen test will point out the exploits and vulnerabilities that need to be remediated.
  • Reduce Downtime – IT downtime can be very costly to any business of any size. By adding penetration testing to your continuity plan, you will be able to reduce the risk of a failing system, lost data, lack of productivity, and loss of thousands of dollars due to downtime.
  • Initiate Highly Efficient Security Measures – The assessment of a penetration test on an organization’s security infrastructure will help identify areas in which to add more security measures. This will ensure that your system will have the right cybersecurity solutions in place.
  • Enable Regulatory Compliance – Some security regulations require organizations to have their security strategies compliant with major security standards such as HIPAA. Aside from protecting a business from cyberattacks, a penetration test will satisfy compliance requirements.
  • Protect the Company’s Reputation and Customer Trust – A cyberattack can cripple a business financially as well as tarnish its reputation with the compromise of customer data. A penetration test can reduce the risk of a security incident to keep sensitive information safe and customer trust intact.

Penetration Testing In Chicago

In today’s world exploding with cybercriminal behavior, it’s not enough to just have cybersecurity solutions in place. It’s best to make sure your system cannot be penetrated in any way. Allowing the professionals at ExcalTech to run a penetration test will identify any security gaps and will ensure your organization’s data is protected and secure.

Reach out to ExcalTech and get started on your cybersecurity efforts today. Call us at 833-EXCALTECH or send an email over to

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