Excalibur Technology Provides Support for Cisco Products and Services

Looking for Cisco Support or Consulting? Allow One of Our Dedicated CCNP Staff To Help You Today.

Cisco is the leader in connectivity, routing, switching, firewall, VPN and VOIP technologies. Excalibur Technology is a Cisco Select Certified Partner. We employ a number of staff members that hold Cisco certifications. We are ready to help you with any size infrastructure need. We can design, order, deliver and install your corporate network based on Cisco and other vendor technologies. Local engineers are available to consult with you on-site at your office location. Need emergency Cisco support? Call us 24x7x365 for access to brilliant engineers to help solve any emergency or crisis.

Some of our Cisco powered solutions include:

  • Cisco Routers
  • Cisco Managed Switches
  • Cisco Security Solutions
  • Cisco Wireless Solutions
  • Cisco Firewalls
  • Cisco VPN

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Support Complex Enterprise Network Systems
  • Installing, Configuring and Implementing Internal and External Routing Solutions
  • Managing Connections to LANs and WANs from Cisco ISR Routers
  • Create Switching Solutions Including: VLAN, WLAN, Voice and Video
  • Maintain Routed and Switched Networks on Enterprise Systems
  • Load Balancing
  • Layer 3 Dynamic Routing Protocol Design and Implementation
  • Layer 2 Aggregation and Forwarding Path Optimization
  • Network Optimization

Excalibur Technology is the only COMPLETE IT PROVIDER in the area. We offer end-to-end solutions that start at your office and end at our Data Center, or any location of your choice. The networks we design are secure, dynamic and scalable as your business grows, your needs change, or you add new or additional technology. Our team is certified in every major technology and we stand behind and guarantee our work. When you are ready to integrate a new technology or platform into your network, allow our team to help you. Technology and business constantly change. Allow us to handle your change management needs and we will provide a superior network experience to your local and remote users, provide optimal security and reduce the chance for downtime. Combining technologies from Cisco, VMware, Microsoft and other leading vendors allows Excalibur Technology to deliver highly optimized and functional virtualization technologies that are engineered to save your company money while increasing service availability to your users. Call one of our Consulting Engineers today for a review of our services and find out more about how we can help you succeed. Whether you are the Network Administrator or the CEO for your organization, we are ready to help you with any project or to provide complete monthly network management. Whatever your need, we have a program that will ensure your success!

Excalibur Technology is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Excalibur Technology is a WatchGuard Expert Partner
Excalibur Technology is a Cisco Select Partner
Excalibur Technology is a Veeam Silver CSP Partner and Pro Partner
Excalibur Technology is a VMWare Certified partner
Excalibur Technology is a Hewlitt Packard (HP) Authorized Reseller