Each Server is Protected by Our Amazing Three Year On-Site Warranty*

Network servers are the lifeblood of every modern organization. They are the most important pieces of technology in your company because they store every bit of your precious data and provide the resources your employees need to perform their jobs. Servers must be extremely fast, reliable and cutting edge to keep up with the numerous demands that are placed on them. Excalibur Technology has recognized these needs and provides a line of servers to fit every budget and every workload. From entry-level single servers to quad processor server farms, Excalibur Technology has the equipment to fit your project requirements.

Like our workstations, each Excalibur Technology server is custom built for your needs at the time of your order. Our certified engineers put each piece of equipment through rigorous testing prior to delivery to ensure that your new server will outperform your highest expectations. Most of our servers feature redundant power supplies, RAID hard drives that have hot spares ready to jump into action should a drive fail, redundant network cards, and much more. You might expect to pay thousands of dollars more for the features we include as standard on our servers, but you will find that our prices often beat those of the mass merchant retailers.

Each server is also protected by our amazing three year on-site warranty* in the unlikely event that you should experience hardware failure. Our intelligent and helpful staff will be standing by to respond to all of your needs. However, we know that you probably will never be calling us for warranty issues due to the high reliability of our products.

Call your Excalibur Technology Consultant today for a free sales consultation and needs assessment. We will be glad to provide a competitive quote and even a demonstration unit so you can see first hand the power of an Excalibur Technology server!


* Requires purchase of additional on-site warranty. Prices start at $249.00.

Excalibur Technology is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Excalibur Technology is a WatchGuard Expert Partner
Excalibur Technology is a Cisco Select Partner
Excalibur Technology is a Veeam Silver CSP Partner and Pro Partner
Excalibur Technology is a VMWare Certified partner
Excalibur Technology is a Hewlitt Packard (HP) Authorized Reseller