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ExcalTech operates a private Data Center

ExcalTech® offers a complete line of hosted servers, colocation services, mail services, online backup and cloud services. ExcalTech maintains a private data center in a SOC II Type II facility. The core infrastructure uses enterprise-level equipment to ensure a high degree of reliability. 

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Data centers house a company’s most critical systems and are designed to ensure that the systems get adequate power, cooling and protection. This is why the security and standards followed by a data center are vital to any company’s operations. The ExcalTech data center has many layers of protection. Your equipment is safer in our data center than in your facility. Our safety features include:

Clean Agent Fire Suppression​

Provides the highest level of fire prevention and protection without risking valuable hardware.

Dual Authentication Access​

Our data center requires both key cards and biometrics for maximum security.

2N UPS & Redundant Circuit Distribution

Power redundancy and diverse distribution ensures maximum uptime.

Monitored Video Surveillance​

24x7 monitoring for the highest security.

Redundant Cooling and Hot Aisle Containment​

Industry-leading cooling standards for maximum efficiency and protection.

ESD Grounded Flooring​

Maintains proper discharge protection and bonded to facility master ground field.

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Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Our Backup and Disaster Recovery system redundantly backs up your data away from your primary location. We provide a secure and reliable way to backup all of your virtual machines, servers and workstations to the cloud by:

  • End-to-end encryption: Encrypt all data at the source, in-transit and at rest without impacting compression ratios or configuring a VPN.
  • Granular restoration: Recover entire systems or individual files, anytime.
  • Complete visibility: Access your hosted backup repositories and track resource consumption.
  • State-of-the-art backup: Leverage forever-incremental backups, grandfather-father-son retention policies, WAN acceleration and more.
  • Easy scheduling: Run a backup directly to the cloud or copy an existing backup – continuously, or on a schedule.
  • High Speed, Low Latency: Our high-speed network is designed for low latency across diverse network paths and routing protocols.


The ExcalTech data center allows clients to house their own servers and other hardware instead of keeping them at their own premises. Maintaining a secure, robust, highly connected and high-performance data center is a challenging task for any business. Colocation gives clients the opportunity to take advantage of our:

  • Physical security
  • Cyber security
  • Network Operations Center
  • HVAC
  • Power supply
  • Disaster recovery

Colocation significantly reduces the risk associated with keeping your valuable data and servers on-site. Colocation is ideal for any enterprise that has robust IT requirements and prefers to own its servers.

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