Does Gmail Lock You In?

The case against Google Gmail. Google continues to lock down their platform to keep you surfing with them.  For business, try a private hosted Exchange service such as the one offered by ExcalTech.  It works with all devices and synchronizes everywhere!

Social Media Made Easy!

Social Media Made Easy! Twitter, Facebook, Google + and more. From the folks at Inc. What is your social media plan?  Are you going to be investing more into any or all of these platforms?  What type of response are you getting compared to more traditional methods of advertising?  Let us know!

Google Project Glass Comes to Market Early 2013

Google Project Glass is set to be released in early 2013 for $1500.00. having a visual overlay on 24×7. Cool or Creepy? Would you wear these? What is considered appropriate use? So many questions when revolutionary technology comes out! How long until we have an option for Google Contacts or the Google Ocular Implant?

Can Microsoft Overtake Apple and Google Again?

Microsoft is positioning themselves to try and overtake Apple and Google again with their new WIndows 8 technology. it be enough to save the once leader of technology?  Will the Windows 8 platform running across your PC, phone, and Xbox bring users back from Android and iOS?  Will Microsoft be able to bring a …

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