Your business is no-doubt reliant on your email solution as a critical communications component. Without it, your organization’s operations could be significantly hampered, forcing you to improvise in order to reach out to internal and external parties. As an important part of any business’s communications, it’s crucial that your email solution is as efficient as possible, but managing an email server can be challenging for the average business owner.

Email server hosting is an issue that outsourced IT companies like ExcalTech help businesses resolve. Doing so allows your business to reap the many benefits of outsourced IT solutions, one of which frees your business from the burden of managing its own technology, and the immense costs associated with doing so.

What is Hosted Email?
Email hosting is a service that helps businesses save money and time by outsourcing the upkeep and management of the organization’s email server to a third party. Your email server would be hosted in a secure, off-site data center that is maintained by a managed service provider, like the professional technicians at ExcalTech. The most valuable aspect of a hosted email solution is that it’s tailored to your business’s specific needs. It’s not an “out of the box” solution that’s designed to work for all businesses; rather, we take the time to help it work specifically for your business.

The Benefits
Your business has the power to gain a significant advantage over your competition by outsourcing your email hosting to ExcalTech. Here are three key benefits that your business will enjoy:

  • Less time spent on maintenance and management: One of your business’s most valuable assets is time. There’s a finite amount of it in the day, and if it’s lost to technology maintenance and management, you can’t get it back. If an external party is managing your technology instead of your in-house team, you free up countless hours during the workday that can be better spent on other initiatives.
  • Flexibility and scalability: Another major benefit is that hosted email is designed specifically to suit the needs of your business. This means that you get an intensive email solution that helps your business play to its strengths. You can easily add or remove users, which makes hosted email a much more flexible solution that can fit into any business’s budget.
  • Security and redundancy: Hackers understand that your email solution is a valuable asset, and they want to use it to siphon as much information from your network as they can. Spam and phishing emails have the power to completely derail your network security if left unchecked. Having your email hosted in a secure data center allows your business to focus primarily on network security measures that are designed to mitigate the threats posed by spam and malware. Enterprise-level spam blocking solutions have proven to be proficient at limiting exposure to threats, so they’re exceptionally powerful solutions for your network.

ExcalTech wants to help your business fully leverage its technology through email hosting and other communications solutions. To learn more, give us a call at (877) 638-5464.

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