Below you will find some answers to commonly asked questions regarding transferring your domain to Excalibur Technology. Click on a question below to view more information.

What is the total cost for transferring our domain to Excalibur Technology Corporation for e-mail and/or website hosting?

The standard cost for transferring a domain to Excalibur Technology Corporation for hosting is $25.00. There are certain circumstances where this cost may be higher. A list of some of the common causes for higher transfer fees are below:
1. Registrar Information is incomplete/missing: Sometimes clients are not sure who their Domain Registrar is or what their login information for the account is. When this happens, it sometimes takes us extra time to track down your registrar and your account information. We are very successful in helping you obtain your information, but this service is billed at our standard hourly rates. To see who your Registrar is, go to:
2. Current Host Login Information is incomplete/missing: Some clients either do not know or were not given FTP or login information from their current web host. If we need to work with your current host to obtain the copies of your website files, we would bill at our standard hourly rates.
3. Extra Setup Time: If your transfer requires many additional DNS records, directory permission settings, database configurations, etc., you may be billed for extra setup time at our standard hourly rates.
4. Incompatibility: Occasionally a client will transfer their site to Excalibur and not realize that their site has forms or functionality that was written in languages that are not supported on our servers. While we do try to look a site over before we transfer it to our systems, their are occasions where we might not be able to determine the programming languages used throughout the site until we have obtained copies of the site files. Any changes that are needed are billed at our standard hourly rates.
5. Contact Forms: Contact forms all need to be modified to work with our servers due to the increased security systems we have in place. This work would be billed at our standard hourly rates.
6. Databases: Database setups, database connectivity, ODBC connections, etc. are all billed at our standard hourly rates.
7. SSL Certificates: SSL certificate installation is an additional $25.00 per domain. The actual cost of the SSL certificate depends on the vendor that you purchase the certificate from.

What is my Domain Registrar?

Your Domain Registrar is the company that you "Rent" your domain name(s) from. No one can ever really own a domain, they actually rent it for a specified period of time. At the end of their "rental" time, they have the option of renewing their domain or letting it expire. If they let their domain expire, then it is available for anyone else to rent.

You will always have a domain registrar and a web host. Some registrars now offer hosting services. In that event, your registrar and host are the same company. In most cases, you have a separate registrar and host company.

When you transfer to Excalibur Technology, you will still keep your domain rented with whichever registrar you are currently with and Excalibur will take over your hosting services.

If you are looking to setup, renew or transfer your domain name registration to Excalibur Technology, you will first need to visit our Domain Name Registration page by CLICKING HERE.

What is my Hosting Company?

Your Hosting Company is the company that currently handles the housing for your website and/or e-mail. When you have e-mail or a website, the rest of the world needs to go somewhere to retrieve the data from or send information to. A web host provides server space to place your website files on and a place to send and receive e-mail from (unless this is handled internally - which is often cost prohibitive for companies.)

What do I get for the $25.00 setup fee?

The $25.00 setup fee includes the following:
1. Changing the name servers for your domain with your current Registrar.
2. Changing the technical contact on your domain to be Excalibur Technology.
3. Setup DNS Records
4. Setup Mail servers
5. Website copied from current host to Excalibur and setup (if applicable)
6. e-mail setup - we will setup e-mail accounts per your request and walk you through configuring your e-mail client for up to 2 accounts and give you the settings you will need for any additional accounts. Additional e-mail setup help is billed at our standard hourly rates.

How long does the whole transfer process take?

Generally the whole process takes a few days to complete. Once we receive a completed transfer form, it takes us 1 - 3 business days to process the request. When we have all of the information that we need, then we actually begin the transfer. Once the transfer is requested through the registrar, it then takes an additional 24 to 72 hours for the Registrar to process the transfer and to propagate through the Internet.

Will there be any down time?

To minimize the possibility of downtime, we have everything setup on our servers before we begin the actual transfer process. However, there is a possibility that while the transfer is propagating across the Internet that there may be some downtime. We do recommend that while the transfer is in process that you keep your old host running and then cancel once the transfer is complete. The website should then be up all the time. Some e-mail may be lost or undelivered during the propagation time. E-mail may need to be checked at both the old host and Excalibur until the old host is cancelled to prevent losing any trapped messages.

How will I get my e-mail?

Excalibur recommends using Microsoft Outlook as your e-mail client. We can support all versions of Outlook 2000 and later and Outlook Express. There are other e-mail clients available. Please call to see if they are supported by our service.

We will help you with configuring your client to retrieve your messages. We also offer an e-mail web interface to retrieve your messages from any Internet connection. The interface works similarly to Microsoft Outlook.

Will I be able to keep the same e-mail address (

As long as the e-mail address that you want to use is at the domain that you are transferring to our servers, then you can have it. You can have any e-mail address(es) that you want at your domain name. The only limitations we have are as follows:
1. The length of the e-mail address before the @ sign must be at least 3 characters.
- if you need a one or two character e-mail address, we can create an alias that forwards to another e-mail address.
2. No symbols can be used other than the periods (.) or dashes (-).
3. No vulgar words can be used in the e-mail address.

Can I access my e-mail from out of town?

Your e-mail can be accessed from anywhere in the world provided you have an Internet connection. You can retrieve your e-mail on your normal workstation, your laptop while you are out of town, or anywhere that you have access to an Internet connection. Our clients have access to our web based e-mail system where they can retrieve any new messages they have from a standard web browser.

How much does it cost to have a vacation message or auto-responders setup?

Nothing, it's free! Through our web based system, you can manage your own accounts, vacation messages, and auto-responders.

Can I manage my own e-mail boxes?

Yes! We offer our clients the ability to completely manage their e-mail accounts. We create an administrative account that will allow you to add, remove, and update accounts as needed. This offers you free 24-hour access to your accounts.

You also have the option of calling in to our office for telephone support at our standard hourly rates for additional support.

Am I billed for support if I call in because I cannot get my e-mail?

This depends on what the actual problem is. If we are experiencing difficulty with any of our equipment that is causing your problem with your e-mail, then no absolutely not. If the problem is related to your ISP, issues with your computer's hardware or software, user error, etc., then you will be billed.

What type of databases are available for me to use on my website?

Depending on what type of budget you have or how complicated your database needs are, we offer Microsoft Access, MySQL and SQL.
Excalibur Technology is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Excalibur Technology is a WatchGuard Expert Partner
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