Does this sound like your current IT Support?

8:30 AM, Arrive at the office, get coffee and turn on PC.

8:45 AM, PC displays a cryptic message and refuses to do anything useful.

9:00 AM, Call placed to computer manufacturer. You experience numerous reroutes on the voicemail system and one disconnection.

11:04 AM, Your call is finally answered by a technician in a foreign country that barely listens to your problem and reads you completely unhelpful scripted answers.

11:43 AM, After struggling with the unhelpful offshore support, they suggest the problem lies with your network and cannot provide further help.

11:55 AM, Call placed to your “network support guy” which is simply rerouted to his voicemail. You call again – and one more time.

12:30 PM, After no response from network guy, you step out for a quick lunch.

1:22 PM, Return to office to find that you just missed the call from the network guy. He said to call him if you need him and he will call right back.

1:23 PM, Call network guy.

1:43 PM, Call network guy.

1:51 PM, Call network guy.

2:08 PM, Call network guy and beat phone on desk. (Kick computer.)

3:42 PM, Network guy calls back and says he is really busy. But, he can be there at 6:30 PM to fix the computer.

5:07 PM, Your coworkers abandon you and your broken PC.

6:31 PM, You wonder how late the network guy will be.

7:34 PM, Call angry spouse and apologize for missing dinner.

7:42 PM, Call network guy (no answer) and invent a new language by combining various curse words.

8:06 PM, Network guy shows up and is upset that you broke your PC and are making him work late. He lets you know how stupid you are for breaking your PC and not being able to fix it.

10:34 PM, Network guy finishes reloading your PC. Takes longer than it should because he keeps answering his phone?!?! You wonder if you are being billed for this…

10:36 PM, You log onto PC and try to use it. Nothing is there – no programs, no data. It is all gone.

10:41 PM, Argument begins with network guy. He tells you that you should have told him that you needed the data stored on your PC backed up before he deleted it.

10:53 PM, You leave the office with the network guy and contemplate the sentence for throwing him down the stairs on the way out …

11:38 PM, You get home and realize the presentation for a huge sale tomorrow was on your PC. Your leave for the office again and prepare to recreate the entire thing.


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