King Arthur handling out moneyOur knights love working with great clients and would like to ask you and your employees to please help us find more great clients like you! And to provide an EXTRA INCENTIVE (to our already great referral credit program) King Arthur of Camelot has decreed an additional REWARD to be bestowed upon the good people of the kingdom for helping us find new clients and save them from the evil IT villains they might be working with today.   

$200.00 to $2000.00 CASH REWARDS!!!

 The King shall bestow rewards based on company size and new TSS or SSA agreements.  Refer as many good lords and ladies of the realm as you want…the rewards magically grow with a little help from Merlin himself!
Pass this around or post it in your break room.  If you like, your employees may also refer us to someone they know personally – they can keep the reward and your company will enjoy the magical monthly referral service credit!    Call your Technology Consultant for official rules and to submit a client name for entry. 


Minimum terms apply. Program ends June 30, 2016.  All decisions of ExcalTech are final.

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