We’re Concerned About Windows 11

Concerned About Windows 11

We’re Concerned About Windows 11 — Here’s Why

Discover why migrating to Windows 11 is even more challenging than originally thought, and how to determine if you can make the transition.

Microsoft is taking a big step forward with Windows 11 — so big that it may not be a viable option for many businesses if their hardware does not meet the strict requirements of the new operating system (OS).

Windows 10 was a generally accessible option to many users, which is why Microsoft pushed migration so hard. It’s not the same with Windows 11, however. The specific hardware requirements make it difficult for businesses to make the change.

Do you have the hardware necessary to run Windows 11?

Microsoft Updates Minimum System Requirements

Microsoft has just expanded the options for compatible 64-bit processors that you can use with Windows 11. Their criteria for minimum system requirements are based on a benchmark for reliability, security, and compatibility.

In addition to the previously listed options, Windows 11 minimum requirements now include:

  • Intel® Core™ X-series, Xeon® W-series
  • Intel® Core™ 7820HQ

Can Your System Run Windows 11?

If you’re not sure how to parse the minimum requirements and cross-reference with your current system, you can use the PC Health Check App. Available to Microsoft Insider members, this app evaluates your system automatically and lets you know whether Windows 11 will run properly.

Migration Is Not A Guarantee

The key takeaway from Microsoft’s recent update is that migration is not a given. The high standard of hardware required, when combined with the ongoing chip shortage, makes it very difficult to attain the necessary components to run Windows 11 right now.

Next Steps

The ExcalTech team is working hard to source the necessary hardware for our clients to upgrade to Windows 11 before the end of the year. We will be pursuing all options to ensure our clients that want to transition to the new OS will be able to do so effectively and with no compatibility issues after the change.

If you have any questions about getting your team ready for the new Windows 11 rollout, get in touch with the ExcalTech sales team. We can provide a quote and additional details.

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