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Disasters happen. This is a fact of life, and no amount of hoping can help your business dodge one. You might be able to predict weather anomalies that can cause damage to your organization, like a flood or a fire, but some of the most dangerous disasters out there are impossible to see coming–namely, threats to your organizational security, both internal and external.

We’ll discuss how your organization can secure itself from cyberattacks and user error, both major issues for security and business continuity.

Security Threats and Data Breaches

At first glance, you might forget that cyberattacks and data breaches are also a type of disaster–not necessarily the natural kind, but a man-made one that can be just as devastating as a flood or fire ever could be. Think about it like this. If your office is hit by a natural disaster that destroys the infrastructure, you’re left with time when your business isn’t working as intended. Your employees can’t do their jobs. Your clients can’t contact you. You have a big mess to clean up. The same can be said for a hacking attack. Nobody can be allowed on the network until it’s been secured again, and in the meantime, the total costs of downtime rise.

The most common cause for cyberattacks include poor network security practices and poor employee practices in general. The former can be addressed with a firewall, antivirus, spam blocking, and content filtering solution, but the latter is a bit more difficult to address.

End Users Complicate Things

If your employees aren’t properly trained in how to prevent disasters, they could become a problem for your business’ long-term sustainability. Let’s imagine that you have an employee who is responsible for managing a lot of data, or one who has similar responsibilities that could influence operations. If they make a mistake, operations could grind to a halt. You should have plans for redundancy of all kinds set up beforehand, as taking preventative action now could keep you from dealing with lots of frustration in the future.

Disasters don’t wait for your organization to be ready for them. You need to plan for them before they happen. ExcalTech can equip your business with the tools necessary to get the job done, including security and data backup solutions. To learn more, reach out to us at (877) 638-5464.

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