As you are well aware, your business’s data is one of its most treasured assets. It could be gone in the blink of an eye if you aren’t careful in defending it. If an unexpected hardware failure or power outage were to occur, would your business be able to bounce back with minimum downtime and without any data loss? Businesses must always be aware of the importance of data backup, especially in the technology age where personal or sensitive information can easily be stolen or destroyed by a seasoned hacker.

Nowadays, there are many data and backup services, but not all of them can deliver the quality solutions your business needs to stay afloat. As a provider of data backup and disaster recovery services, ExcalTech can tell you exactly what characteristics you should look for when deciding on a solution for your business.

How Versatile is the Solution?
According to VentureBeat, the business professional uses a number of devices throughout their day; smartphones, laptops, desktops, and more, all complete with private corporate data stored on them. The network-connected devices, like desktops, are likely already being backed up, but when mobile devices get involved, things can get out of control. It’s ideal that you know which devices are backed up and which ones are not.

A good IT assessment from ExcalTech can help your business start investigating your backup needs. We can identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current data backup solution (if you have one in place), and help you understand your business’s unique data needs. If you find your backup solution doesn’t work with your mobile devices, we can design a backup solution designed to protect the corporate information on your smartphones and tablets from data loss.

How Secure are Your Backups?
One of the biggest reasons businesses are so leery about integrating a cloud backup solution is that they don’t entirely trust that their backups are secure. This is further augmented by the outrageous data breaches that are headlining the news these days (Sony comes to mind). As a business owner, you want only the best security services designed to keep the hackers at bay. This is especially important if your business works with sensitive information, like Social Security numbers or credit card numbers.

You’ll be happy to know that ExcalTech’s Net-Safe and Net-Safe Pro Internet Backup solutions can be configured to take multiple backups throughout the day, which are protected by powerful security measures designed to keep hackers out.  Under our fully managed solution, we also monitor and test your backups to make sure that they work when you’re struck by a disaster.

How Quickly Can You Recover?
One characteristic that a business absolutely needs in a data backup service is fast and efficient data recovery. Consistent, stable uptime is a valuable asset in the business world. If your business continuously suffers from extended downtime, it not only hurts your productivity, but your budget as well. ExcalTech offers  enterprise-level BDR solutions for those who want to get back into the game, and fast, following a disaster. We can even setup redundant and failover equipment that can act as your server in the event that an unexpected crash occurs, which turns a potentially disastrous event into a second lease on life.

By keeping these three critical backup solution factors in mind, you’ll feel more confident choosing a quality backup and disaster recovery solution for your business. However, why waste time digging around the Internet when you know that ExcalTech offers the best backup services around? Our Net-Safe and Net-Safe Pro solutions are designed to work for small and medium-sized businesses, and like the other IT services we provide, it is scalable and customized to fit the unique needs of your business.

We offer UNLIMITED backup for all of your devices for only $399.95 / month!

Make the fail-safe choice today by calling ExcalTech at (877) 638-5464.

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