Chicagoland Contractor Outgrows IT
Problem Solved

Chicagoland Contractor Outgrows IT

Chicagoland Contractor Outgrow Current IT | ExcalTech Steps In

This Chigacoland Contractor Outgrew Their IT—We Updated Their Technology Before It Became A Problem

Business growth is a double-edged sword. The more you can expand and the greater economy of scale you can access, the more profit you can generate.

But there’s a catch—you need to be able to manage your rapidly expanding network of locations and entities, including your IT.

Unfortunately, IT often takes a backseat when enterprise organizations acquire new businesses. This can lead to severe performance issues, chronic downtime, and extremely dangerous cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

ExcalTech has the experience and expertise to help you consolidate, fortify and update your extensive IT network. It’s precisely what we did for this Chicagoland commercial contractor…

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This Contractor Needed Experts To Update Their IT—That’s Why They Called ExcalTech

In early 2021, we were contacted by a commercial contractor. They are a quickly growing enterprise made up of 14 business entities operating out of 20 sites.

In the process of acquiring their competitors and expanding their business, they compiled a complicated ad-hoc IT environment. Best practices were inconsistent, many of the network components were out of date, and it was causing performance problems for them.

The leadership at this commercial contractor knew it was only a matter of time until the state of their IT environment started costing them money and putting them at serious risk. They recognized that they needed an expert partner to properly manage their IT.

That’s when they called us.

We Solved This Commercial Contractor’s IT Problems With Cisco Meraki Solutions

In assessing this commercial contractor’s patchwork IT environment, we determined we would need to bring everything up to par by deploying new technologies. Our range of Cisco Meraki networking devices was an ideal match for their needs.

Cisco Meraki is a worldwide leader in hardware provision and integrated networking solutions that equip businesses around the globe with undeniably effective technology. By working with Cisco Meraki, the ExcalTech team is able to equip clients like this enterprise-level contractor with a range of industry-leading technologies, including:

  • Access Points: Cisco Meraki MR Access Points are the most intuitive solution to deploy, configure, and manage, all while gathering dynamic analytics for a smarter and safer network. Powerful, enterprise-grade features like Layer 7 Application QoS, out-of-the-box Location Analytics, and RF Optimization offer unparalleled visibility and control over all the access points in an organization via a centrally-managed cloud dashboard.
  • Firewalls: Meraki’s next-gen MX appliances simplify and automate failover and disaster recovery for users and their organizations. This hardware comes with built-in fault tolerance, which makes sure the entire failover process is fully automated, making it much easier to guarantee full data continuity.

We use Cisco Meraki networking solutions because they provide unparalleled remote management capabilities. Our team is able to deliver support conveniently through remote access, without sacrificing any level of capability of security.

Cisco Meraki’s next-gen firewall solutions are industry leaders thanks to their modern range of features and unparalleled integration capabilities. They offer a range of mobile device management options that are not matched by the other options available on the market.

Cisco Meraki firewalls are as effective as the others in their class, but the real headline is in how Cisco seamlessly integrates a number of security features with all of its firewall software:

  • Intrusion prevention
  • Advanced malware protection
  • Cloud-based sandboxing
  • URL filtering
  • Endpoint protection
  • Web gateway
  • Email security
  • Network traffic analysis
  • Network access control
  • CASB

Harness The Power Of Cisco Meraki Solutions

The EXcalTech team is proud to utilize Cisco Meraki products for the good of clients like this commercial contractor—and we can do the same for you.

For expert assistance managing your IT environment and fixing any chronic issues you’re experiencing, get in touch with the ExcalTech team.

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