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Beyond Managed Services

At ExcalTech®, we believe it is important to focus on solutions that add value to our clients’ businesses. To help align our clients’ business needs with IT goals, ExcalTech provides ancillary services in the following areas:

Compliance and Audits

ExcalTech is able to assist with compliance and audit needs of our clients in two major areas:

HIPAA compliance involves fulfilling the requirements of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, its subsequent amendments, and any related legislation such as the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) applies to companies of any size that accept credit card payments. If your company intends to accept card payments and store, process and transmit cardholder data, you need to host your data securely with a PCI-compliant hosting provider.

Compliance and Audits


ExcalTech helps with purchasing of equipment and services whenever required by clients. Please contact us if you need assistance with:

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Product Procurement

ExcalTech can procure and configure all hardware and software from third parties if a client so requires.

Our engineers are also available to deliver, integrate and configure your new hardware or software as per your needs. We can also train your staff after initial setup.

We are certified partners of Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Veeam, WatchGuard and VMware.

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Service Procurement

We can procure and set up most IT-related services. This ensures that our small and mid-size business clients are able to receive the same services available to big corporations at a reasonable cost.

We also offer various Internet connections to bring redundancy and speed to your company.

We also provide Integrated Phone & Data Services and Hosted VOIP PBX Solutions.

Domain Registration

Whether you need a brand-new domain name or a current domain name renewal, ExcalTech offers complete domain name registration service. We track the expiration date and automatically renew your domain for you to prevent it from ever being lost.

ExcalTech partners with a national registrar under their reseller program. This means that you have the convenience of working with the professionals at our Help Desk while enjoying the stability of a national provider.

Wireless Site Surveys

An RF site survey, or wireless survey, is the process of planning and designing a wireless network to provide a wireless solution that will deliver the required wireless coverage, data rates, network capacity, roaming capability and Quality of Service. The survey usually involves a site visit to test for RF interference.

Determining the proper wireless access point layout requires analysis of building floor plans, inspection of the facility, and use of site survey tools.

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